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Saturday Saturday ever lovin Saturday-ay..

It was fun to have Cindi and Amanda over today. Everyone exchanged belated birthday and halloween schwag and it was fun. Amanda and Justin's engagement pictures are really nice, I am going to help her with some of the cost..they're so expensive...but they're really good. We sat around and watched the Osbourne's marathon, and laughed a bunch at the bumbler from Brum. Ozzy is from the same town in England that Mark is from. That's kinda fun.

Well, another week has ticked by and there's been no marvelous or horrible developments of any kind. Except that I have a madly ingrown toenail, (glamorous, eh?) which for a diabetic can be really bad. So I am going to bite the bullet and visit a doctor on Monday, I just can't take the pain anymore. Who knows how much this little incident will end up costing me. *sigh....Americans without health insurance. It just shouldnt be. Then Kt informed me tonight that she has lost a filling, and it's hurting. So..also on Monday I will be at the dentist trying to get this taken care of for little or no money down. lol. I already am paying the dentist $150 a month on her $700 crown. (And that fee was WITH insurance!) And one saving grace is that due to family dysfunction and grudge holding, my Christmas "buy-for" list has been whittled down to a manageable number. lol!

I hate the spend spend spend mentality of Christmas anyway. We never have spent a lot on our kids, and birthdays are no exception. People used to really gimme the gumption about spending only $25 total on my kids' birthdays or Christmas gifts, but my kids have never really known any different from me, and they appreciate the thought that does go into what they do get. Mark says I am a great gifter. He said "they arent just's a production" I like that. I think my sister is a good gift buyer. The funniest thing she ever gave me was a book jacket for Kathie Lee's book "I Can't Believe I Said That". She attached a sticky note to it that said "It's yours as soon as I finish reading it". Clever.

Im chatting with Mary, dishing about the latest developments in our lives, and our friend's lives.
Ok, we're gossiping if you must know.


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