Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Survivor was great. Bye bye Penny Pie. I left my analysis over at Jennifer's place, as usual. Feel free to add your own.

We had a nice fire and some *good* coffee while Vivoring tonight. It just wasn't the same without emma singing the Oh EE Oh EE oh along with the show, tho. I hope her and mommy are having fun in Shreveport. It was weird not driving south today to go get her. and tomorrow night we are actually going to get to go "out" on a Friday night which is unusual, cause we usually have Emma on the weekends. We're going to see a son of someone that my sister knows play in a band. Live music is always a bit iffy. How long we stay will depend on the beer on tap and the music genre. Might be fun, tho. Been trying to get a hold of Mary to see if she wants to go...Maaarrrryyyy...where are you?!

And I hope all the CoLoggers and wannabe's will check the CoLoggers site in the next few days, as an announcement for the next get together will be made there soon. Please sign in there if you plan to attend. It'll be a hoot!


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