Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It takes me longer and longer to get going in the morning, I keep adding to my blogrolling list and have to read all the updates before I am officially "up". Then I scan the headlines online to see if anything exciting has happened overnight. Appears that Michael Jackson "made a mistake" when he dangled his son out the balcony this week.

Yesterday we took Dy with us to Salvation Army and arc..I don't think she wanted to leave! It was 75 cent clothing day at Sally, and I found 3 great sweaters for Katie. One is an Abercrombie sweater that is *really* cute that she loves. I am so addicted to thrift stores.

Im off to hit the showers, then off to run errands and hit another Sally in Lakewood, ($2 a bag book day! Whee!) We've got over $9K in books listed in inventory. Time for a few more....

Tonight is vivor. Im so excited. It's so exciting. Im Toby.


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