Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


What a fun day. It's the day your mind conjours up when you say Lazy Sunday.

We got up late and didn't do anything. Charlie came over and they decided not to go to the game. We made a big breakfast (an artery clogger) that filled us all up for the rest of the day. Ham, scrambled eggs with cheese, and fried potatoes with onions. Katie and Charlie watched the Osbourne's marathon and Mark and I ate breakfast in bed and watched Harry Potter 2 on the pc. (3 stars.) We've had a small fire in the fireplace all day and as yet no one is fighting. lol.

Daniel finally came home from downtown and we cleaned for 10 minutes which is all it took to get things looking really good again. (We've been keeping everything so tidy lately!) Emma's room got a little unruly but that won't take long.

Max is leaving, Mary is busy. Dy is relaxing and Laura and Denny are crafting. It's snowing and Katie just made coffee.

Damn, this is good.


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