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Some people have been writing about their weird thanksgivings they've had through the years. I think all of our thanksgivings have been weird. They're always really strained and artificial. Once the sink got backed up and we had to do the thanksgiving dishes in the bathtub. Another Thanksgiving I think there was an argument and my sister left or something. The holiday as we knew it has been pretty non existant since Dan and I got divorced. I did nothing the first year, I think Mark and I made some steaks at my apartment. Last year I know we had Emma, and I think we made turkey. That's bad that I can't even remember. This year we're going to my moms. I have some idea what that will be like. Again, Im grateful that Cindi and I have been talking more than usual lately, I think that will make it better.

When Amanda was over she mentioned that she'd like to invoke some new foods and traditions into our which Cindi and I immediately balked about it. We complain about how much the holiday sucks, but then get riled up when anyone wants to change it. lol. But it'll be exactly the same as it always is, everyone gets there just in time to put the finishing touches on the food, we eat, digest briefly, play a game and have coffee, and leave too soon. It's not too soon for us, but I always get the feeling my mom wishes everyone would stay longer. Maybe not this year. She'll probably be ready for us all to go. I can't wait to get Mark's take on my mother after the whole thing is over.

Katie and I are going to watch Cheaters. If you're not watching this show, you are missing some seriously hilarious television.


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