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Dear Dreamworks:

I'm not sure what you were thinking when you produced the movie "Spirit." Maybe you thought it would be a cute little horsie movie that children would enjoy. You probably had no idea that by distributing this movie you would become worse than a heroin dealer in this household.

We cannot get away from this movie. We allow only one movie per day, and the movie chosen is always Spirit. We have at least 250 other movies in this house, but your addictive cells have made the one small child in this household into a blithering, naying, screeching, bundle of "spirit" herself. And God forbid the day gets away from us and the movie is not requested until near bedtime. The result is akin to telling a smack junkie..."I'm sorry, there is no more heroin today. Would you like a tylenol instead?"

This movie invokes some sort of wild reaction that we have never been a party to. I have never actually seen anyone on heroin but I believe it mirrors this behavior. Glazed eyes, swaying head and noises that come from the mouth that are, at best, unnatural.

I implore you. Do not make a sequel. The Colonel must be imprisoned. Spirit must be released from his filmcan of bondage and set free to torture parents far, far away. Bryan Adams must die.


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