Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The creeping stomach crud is not much better, and am only online right now so I can help Mark pull books. Otherwise the day has been spent on the couch, in my jammies...sucking down popsicles and ice water. We watched episode 8 of Band of Brothers (we've been watching an episode every night that we had d'l'd some months ago). Also watched a copy of The Good Girl, taped from a movie theater in China, evidently. People walking around and coughing, waving things in front of the screen...and the movie was subtitled in chinese. Interesting. But a pretty good flick.

Tonight is the 3rd season opener of Six Feet Under, something we have waited for, for a long long time. Im so excited. Not excited enough to get dressed, tho...although I might take a shower. News at 11.


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