Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I hate being dependent on others to get things done. I have to ask for rides, work around what people are doing and it just sucks. I can't pick up and just go to the thrift store, or to browse around WalMart and buy abolutely nothing, or even go to 7-11 for 5 minutes and get more of that Incredible Hulk cotton candy I am so hooked on. As a matter of fact, that's the last place we'd been Saturday night before My Hyundai from hell decide to burst into fucking flames. I had a craving for cotton candy and Mark was so sweet and came with me to 7-11 to get some. Then satan incarnate invaded my electrical system.

I'm just sayin'.

So today, Katie took me to Kmart and then the grocery store. I felt really bad cause she had an opportunity to go to Water World with Cindi, but had already told me she'd run errands. blah. Now I'm criying, dammit. Blah!


So I'm trying to pack, and launder things, and decide what to take and what not to. Mark thought we could share a suitcase! ha! Insane man!

And why the hell do we stress about what to wear on the plane? Who gives a rats ass. You wait in line, sit in chairs, sit on the plane, wait in another line, sit in your rental car and then collapse in a hotel room. Not exactly a dress-up day.

I just feel depressed. I should be excited and a-twitter with anticipation. But I'm just depressed.


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