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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Stayed at the hospital late, my dad was asleep when I got there around 6, but then my step-brother Jerry accidentally doused him with about a gallon of ice water, and he was pretty much awake after that. The surgery went well, they think they got all of the cancer, plus they found a goiter (visions of Seinfeld) buried deep in his neck too, and removed that. My dad was jovial and quite talkative, flirting with the nurses even. Typical.

He had a lot of visitors in and out, mostly funeral business folks, talking a lot of "shop". There was a shooting very close to here recently, a boy who had just graduated High School and had a bright future, including a full scholarship to a Jesuit College and a prominent internship. Well, he was having a pool party while his parents were out of town and 3 thugs crashed it. The boy finally got them to leave and I guess he was standing in the driveway making sure they were really leaving. As they drove away, they fired three shots, and one hit this boy right in the chest. So my dad's funeral home did the funeral today and a lot of folks had that on their mind. They said they could have filled three more churches with the throngs of folks that showed up, and that they ran out of everything from seats to prayer cards. A senseless and stupid act by evil and thoughtless people.

We went to see Finding Nemo, and it was very cute. I laughed, I cried. Emma was enraptured.

I have to get up early and take my mom for her PHYSICAL (Cindi!!) tomorrow, so I am hitting the hay early.

Oh, and we are having rental car issues re: Atlanta. I.dont.need.this.


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