Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...



Actually 206 hours from now, we will be sweating in the Atlanta humidity, and back-slapping, hugging and shaking hands with online friends that I talk to daily, but that we haven't seen in person since last year at this time.

Last year I felt the humidity the moment we stepped into the plane tunnel thingie (technical term) that you walk in from the plane to the airport. I swear I thought I heard a swooshing sound as the thick air hit my body. But then we got in our air conditioned car and went to our air conditioned hotel room, and spent the weekend in an air conditioned convention center and an air conditioned bar. Actually, there was too many of us for the bar, and we spilled into the Convention Center/Hotel lobby. I heard I had a really good time.

I have many books to put away before then, and we also need to "train" Katie to do what we're doing while we're gone. It shouldn't be that difficult but there's a lot of "if this, then that" stuff that you just don't think about.

I also need to:

Get Sun. Either pay to get sun, or get actual sun. I am pale. Ghastly.
Get my knives sharpened. I can't show off these great knives in this condition. The horra.
Go see my dad in the hospital on Thursday.
Take my mom to the Eye Doctor for surgery on Friday. Then take her to lunch for her birthday. 70 years old. Cripes.
People's Fair on Saturday
Library book sale on Sunday

Gah! Can you buy a clone on ebay?

I got my wedding invitation from Amanda today. I almost started crying. It made it seem really real. I can't believe she's getting married. I just hope she's happy and that it lasts. Is that too much?


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