Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Six Feet Under season finale tonight. Wah.

By the way, the Amazing Race on Thursday was greeeat! Im so stoked for this season. And Phil is as stoic as ever. Hee.

My online life these days is filled with plans for Atlanta. It's not easy coordinating 200 people, did you know that? "Where are we going, what are we doing, who's coming here, who's going there. What time are we meeting there, do you have my cell number? Giive me yours. We're staying at the Ramada, you're at the Clarion? Got it. Friday is this, Saturday is that. No, I don't want to go there with them, they're weird, let's go here instead and not tell them. I'll meet you guys at that other place on Sunday." Sheesh.

I still have to re-color my hair before we go and I'd like to get some sun, too. Packing is no problem, I only have one pair of shorts anyway. Mark never gets on me for bringing too many clothes, but for bringing too many shoes. Gah. Doesn't he knows that shoes take an outfit from daytime to nightime? Lordy. And toiletries. I need a lot of toiletries.

I fixed the toilet, thanks to my handy dandy new Auger from Kmart. Just snaked that puppy down in there and whoosh. We have flushage again. I'm only a little bummed that I won't be able to see Allie, and figure out if she's had another operation yet.

Last but not least, Laura and Denny have prompted me to pursue my "I have no health insurance but I need attending to" problem..with great results. I've found an outlet through my old doc where I can get the meds I need for free, without going through any gub'ment agency at all. It's a program managed by Bristol Myers, the company that makes the meds I need. I'm so happy! So L&D thanks for putting a toe up my ass about this. The you know what is going right back to you know where. So there.

25 minutes until SFU. Time to go get situ-magated.


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