Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It feels like it's been a long day already. I think just cause I tried to get out and about and do a bunch of stuff while still feeling so ill, and now I am paying for it.

We all laid on the couch and watched The Majestic, not too bad..not too good. Tomorrow we are heading out to see Finding the theater no less. Emma is ultra excited.

We've got her in the habit of putting herself to bed, and it's going very well. She gets her teeth brushed and tucked in with a story as usual, but then is allowed to read quietly in her room for a few minutes on her own and decide herself when she's done. After a few minutes whe gets up and turns out the light and goes to bed. Very big-girl grown up! She's become so good in the morning about getting up on her own, and getting a snack for breakfast, and watching a show or two before she comes to wake us up. She has her own low drawer in the kitchen full of things she can manage herself. It's so nice to have that extra time in the morning before bounding out of bed with ferocious anticipation of the day! (Riight).

Tomorrow my dad goes in to have his thyroid removed. I talked to him for a little while tonight, asking him if he was fondling and playing with his thyroid for the last time. He said that Katie had mailed him a little handmade card, and that he was really touched by that. Katie's so sweet about stuff like that. Very thoughtful, and making sure cards, etc get there on time. Cindi's always really good about that, we always laugh when the card from Cindi comes exactly on someone's birthday. And it always does. Never a day before or after, alwasy right on the day. I think that's very cool.

I'm off to list books. Gotta clear some of these dishes away first. I have no idea how all these dishes end up on my desk. Damn dirty desk gypsies.


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