Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh, so sorry. How do knives get packed for the plane?

Well, most of my knives are small folders, meaning the blade folds into the handle, rather than being a "fixed blade", like a hunting knife. So I have lots of these nifty little cases for holding them. Most of them fit in there snugly:

And then zip up nicely:

I do have a few that do not fit into these small cases. Those I usually just wrap up in a scarf or something similar, and then tote them in a seperate zip-up makeup type case. Those are my balisongs (twirling-type knives - one shown closed and one shown open), my automatics -knives that pop open when you push a button-, (an Italian stiletto and a Boker) and my one fixed blade knife. Next to the fixed blade knife is a Kydex sheath to store it in.
The blades are not black, knives do not photograph well:

Now isn't that so damn exciting?
No, I know it isn't. But y'all asked. lol


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