Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well, it's getting close. 12 more hours and we leave for the airport. I wish I was happier about it.

I'm sitting here with my hair up, dye job in process. Well, not a dye job exactly just the same old Loreal 8GB that I always use. Cover the gray, brighten things up a bit. After I rinse it I'm gonna soak in the tub and then paint my toenails. Are you on the edge of your seat yet?

I've run out of room in my suitcase and hinted to Mark that sharing is a good thing. I don't need much room in his bag, just a smidge. He reminded me that we're only going for the weekend, and I reminded him in turn that it's Thursday morning through Monday night, a little more than a weekend, thankyouverymuch. Plus! I have to make room for more than several knives. So there.

We have definite plans for much of the time, which I suppose is good. I do want to spend some time just lazing by the hotel pool or lollygagging around a mall, but generally our time is already scheduled with others.

I plan on taking oodles of pictures, and will probably be updating here too. Although we've trained Katie pretty well on the books, we'll want to monitor sales and whatnot from Atlanta a little bit. There's a library 3 minutes away from our hotel, and last year our hotel had a pc in the lobby, which was nice.

That's it for now. Maybe one more shout before we go. Otherwise, you all behave.


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