Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Nope, not Hercules, Derbs. Maybe I will give you a hint. "Some folks call it hell, I call it hmm"

What a hot gross hot really really hot day. I would give my left tit to have a/c in this house. Ok maybe not, but I would consider it.

We got the parenting class paid for, but they had to change him to an August class. Helloo? I thought August was soo busy? They cancelled the July 30 class. They only have 2 classes per month, and then they're sooo booked up, but then they cancel one. Okkkie doke. So now anyway he's all set for one of the August classes. Strange how because you are getting divorced they feel you need a parenting class, but yokels pop out babies left and right and get no instruction whatsoever.

We made a big dinner of steak and fried potatoes with onions and pasta salad. Actually Katie made most of it for us, cause she was bored. Then she left for her friend Jessica's house, to swim in her backyard pool. Wah. We watched The Amazing Race which was...well, Amazing. heh. I'm so glad the mole is gone. Millie mole, you're philiminated.

I'm rambling, aren't I. I have nothing to say.


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