Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well today was a big ol' bust.

We didn't find anything fun at yard sales. I determined that going to yard sales alone with Emma on a hot day is just not worth the trouble, actually. We went to a few, but gave up early.

Then this evening we (me, Daniel, Emma) went to a street festival nearby. Borrrring. It started raining the minute we got there, which was ok because walking the midway took all of about 4 minutes. We did manage to snag some cotton candy tho.

Then we went to get some food at a local mexican place (Alamos Verdes) that used to be really good. Well it's not good anymore. The service was horrible..we had to ask (at least once) for everything..our drinks, refills, cutlery, our FOOD..

Then when our food came, we decided that Alamos Verdes is Spanish for 'plate o' lettuce'. Our "Sizzling Tostada Deluxe" was no more than a small corn tortilla with beans, a huge (I mean huge) mound of lettuce, some gooey tomato-ey stuff slapped on top and about 5 shreds of cheese. The tostadas at Taco Bell are 100% better...isn't that a pathetic thing to say.

I should have picked somewhere else anyway, Mark hates that's the one where the waitresses punch their orders into the machine that BEEPS loudly with every keystroke. I even wrote them a letter about that, and not only did they not reply, the machines are still beeping. Bleh on Alamos Verdes.

Mark's on his way home, he sold another car! yay! We have a date for couch cuddling after Emma goes to bed. Mmm, love the spooning on the couch.


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