Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Dy titled her blog today "Why I Don't Need Cable TV."

I'm going to title mine "Why I Don't Have Cable TV." Only mine comes with a pictorial explanation:

Remember I wrote about the wind last night? This is what it did to my huge tree in my back yard. Just ripped it right in damn half.
(thumbnails, click for the big pic)

We had called comcast this
morning and bitched them out because our cable internet was down, as well as our cable tv...AGAIN..

Later Daniel and Katie got home from California and Daniel said "what happened to the tree in the backyard?"
I'm like "I dunno, why?!"

We went back to check it out and couldn't believe it. Then we laughed and said "oh, maybe this is why our cable is down"


Emma's window

Our coveted cable, lying on the ground.

Comcast has already been here, and we're back up again. Yay! The Rocky Mountain News came by too. How cool is that? They took pictures and were here and gone in about 5 minutes. Pretty cool tho, eh? We're still waiting for Public Service to come by. The power's not out, but one of the limbs is pressing on one of the power lines pretty hard, and stretching it t-i-g-h-t.

The fun never ends....


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