Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


A nice relaxing start to the day. We got up in plenty of time to get dressed, fix hairdo-s, eat and have a little conversation. I love leisurely mornings like this.
Emma was wearing a really cute dress and a cardigan this morning. When we left for school she said:

"I look like I'm moving away or something."
"Really? If you were moving away you'd be carrying boxes instead of me carrying this backpack".
"Well at least I look like I live in Chicago."


Then we got to school and I was hanging around while Emma chatted with her friend Regina. Pretty soon Emma came running over and said:

"Tell her you're NOT my mom!"
"I'm not her mom"
Regina: "Well, is she your auntie?"
"She's my Nell".
Regina: "What's a Nell?"
Emma was completely exasperated at this point. No more so than me, of course.
She let out a big huff like 'how can you be so dumb? "She's my best friend!!"
Regina: "allright."

Ok, I feel better. lol


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