Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


What a great Sunday morning. It's gray and cool, and we didn't have to get out of bed for any reason at all. Lovely.
Mark has to run and go get Emma from Fairplay in a bit, and after that the house will have it's 5-year old constant chatter that is the norm around here throughout the week. Even that's nice after a couple days of it's absence, however. Emma will be delighted that she has a fair amount of chores waiting for her when she gets here. She's always begging me for chores, so I save some up for her. She puts her own clean clothes away, loads the bathroom cabinets up with toilet paper, puts away the tupperware from the dishwasher, takes the trash outside to the cans, and a host of other things. She's always so disappointed when she's run out of chores.

And - the funnest thing of all...

I found a pair of Capezio tap shoes yesterday at arc...just a half size big for her. I can't wait to hear her tromping on the floor with them...for about 5
minutes at which point daddy will probably render them to the back of a closet somewhere. lol. I also found some very nice winter boots with little tiger fur around the top, along with some pants and long sleeved shirts. Damn, I wish I'd have saved my own kids clothes somewhere!

We watched "About Schmidt" last night. Weird. I didn't really care for it. Mark thought it was just introspective, I thought it floundered. One thumb down.

Ok, I've dilly dallied enough, time for a shower and getting things done.


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