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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We live right over the fence from Emma's school. Truthfully, if she were in about 2nd or 3rd grade, we would put her right over the fence. But the schoolyard is big, and we are at the back 40.

Anyway, ever since we have lived here, they have had the same playground monnitor out there and she She uses one of those megahorn things so her voice is really loud. And of course you never hear her unless she's reprimanding someone. Not only that, but her voice is ultra monotone and she drags every monotonous syllable out like she's half asleep. Here's what she's saying right this minute:

"Moooorrgannn...don't sit on the swiiinnggss like tthhhaaat."
"Brraaaanndonnn..brrinnngg me that bookkkk before you get it dirrrttyy...."


I'm glad Emma doesn't play on that playground, they have their own little kindergarten playground.

Emma wanted to buy lunch today, something she hasn't done yet. She hasn't been eating her cold lunch, because she says she always wants what is on the hot lunch. She was very concerned about getting in the wrong line and getting no lunch at all. I told her to just tell the teacher that she's getting hot lunch today, and would she help her do it. She said "I will tell her to help me because if I don't eat I will be a grouch to her". Okay, then.

I'm restless. I should be doing something. Ok, here I go.


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