Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just got home from the Harvest Festival, pretty fun. We wandered a bit, ate some food, and then decided to rent movies and get slurpees and come home. We rented 4 movies (I know!) and now are just getting settled in for some cuddling on the sofa/movie time. Gotta love that on a quiet Saturday night.

I've talked to the kids several times, they're having a lot of fun in California I think. Right now they are over at one of Dan's sister's house in the backyard pool. I'm glad things are going good. Can't wait till they get back tho. Worry factor, you know.

In addition to my slurpee Im sitting here with a giant bag of cotton candy from the festival, but it's weird. It tastes oddly..burnt. But not burnt enough not to eat, of course. lol

Hope everyone is having as sweet of a weekend as I am.


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