Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We watched May tonight. Has anyone else seen this? Artsy fartsy Frankenstein is what it was. Whacked, totally whacked. One major redeeming quality is that it had Jeremy Sisto in it (Billy, SFU) and he was lookin' migh-ty.fine. It was creepy, disturbing, bloody, and just...whacked. I was ironing and Mark was packing books and we just kept saying "oh no..." "uh oh.." "groosss...."
I did like it though.

She didn't play the title character, but I loved Anna Farris in it. I think she made the movie for me.

Tomorrow's already all busy and bleh! Get Emma off to school, no big deal there..then I have to rush to the post office and movie store right after, because The Cable Guy is coming sometimes between 10 and 12. I want to watch that nutty new reality show "Starting Over" at 10am, too. Looks weird. Must check it out.

Tomorrow night I have school - "Airway Review". Can anything be more exciting, ever? You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only use the edge!


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