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I keep meaning to write about our new neighbors.

We live in a duplex, albeit a nice big one with 4 floors and 2200 sq ft or something. 4 very large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and family room, huge laundry room/book storage, etc... We have a big garage and a driveway that will hold 2 cars. A nice big backyard and a front yard that is landscaped in such a way that requires no water. (A rock garden, xeriscaping, you get the picture.) Anyway, for the time being, I've decided to call the new neighbors the Complainers because that's all I've heard them do so far.

When they first came to view the house, I heard the woman say "ooh, this driveway is so steep..I don't like that." The man spoke up after her and said "yea, and look at this landscaping, where's the yard?" Then they walked through the house (I couldn't hear anything then) and to the backyard. "Why doesn't this yard have a separate fence from those people?! (us.) It has a full fence on each side and at the back, but the fence that divides the two sides of the duplex is a half fence. We share an outdoor water spigot, so I assume that's why it is fenced this way. It makes it impossible to keep a dog, however..and that's what I thought maybe was her concern. I was really really hoping they didn't have a dog. To date tho, I've seen no dog. Yay.

The night they moved in, the man of the house was grouchy as all get-out. He was hollering left and right at someone, about "getting out of the way" and "stop your whining right now". I attributed it to moving day blues, but he still seems to be quite aloof. I heard him complain yesterday how much it sucks that he can't get his over-sized machismo truck into the garage. I've also heard them complain about what time the mail gets here, what day the trash gets picked up, and the kids that ride bikes in the street here. (I admit, I hate that too...with a passion).

But since moving in (a week, 10 days ago?) they've made no move to be friendly. They have a boy over there, looks to be about 4 but I'm not sure he's there all the time. The woman looks like she should be his grandma. I think there's also a girl, maybe 12 years old. But again, I haven't seen her since move in day. Maybe she's been grounded for whining.

Today they are banging, sawing and pounding in the garage. I have no idea what they're doing. The little boy is sitting outside in a box, and when I went out to get the paper a bit ago, I saw the man on the porch holding and petting my CAT! (Marla - Schatze would rather scratch your eyes out than be held). Should I go get collars and ID tags for the cats? I guess so, something I should have done already.

So so far the new neighbors the complainers are "whiny, complaining, un-friendly cat thieves."

Will update as the situation warrants.


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