Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


If there's anyone I chat to on Y! Messenger, you will have to reach me on another service, because yahoo has blocked out trilian users. I've downloaded a patch, but it generates a trillian error and I can't use that either. So get me on msn ( or icq (30503103) and we'll be good to go.

School tonight=not good, not good at all. Either something I ate disagreed with me, or I have the flu, because at about 7:30 I became clammy, sweaty and dizzy and knew I was going to hurl. I nearly ran to the bathroom, but guess what..I didn't quite make it. Gah. I made it in the door, but just barely. Chucked all over the damn sink, if you can believe it. After the initial hurl made it the few steps to the stall and really let it go. Nasty. Oh, boy nasty.

I went back to class, but clearly was not going to make it. I quietly packed up my stuff and left, and as soon as I made it out the back it came again. hhuurrrllll. I was standing on this little porch type thing, above a big lawn of grass that rolls steeply downward. I emptied my stomach until there was absolutely nothing left. I was still heaving violently, and then....I dropped my keys. Yea. Right in it..I kid you not. My water bottle was still half full, so I squirted them off and dragged my ass home. I've been on the couch ever since.

Daniel made me some 7-up and rubbed my back for a bit, that was very nice. And I do feel better. Not great. Better.

Haven't watched Vivor yet, just not in a good enough frame of mind. Maybe in a few minutes. Maybe tomorrow.


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