Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We are nearly comcast free. But we're also not sure if that's a good thing yet or not. The dish is great. Tivo thingie is up and working marvelously, and I will be able to watch Vivor when I get home from school, and speed through the commercials at 30 second intervals. Yay.

Our DSL internet is not so great however, The speed is blah, around 550K, and there are several features that we won't be able to have..that we're not sure we can live without yet. So spoiled, lordy. We haven't yet cancelled the comcast cable internet, so maybe that will stay. I'm leaving it up to the man.

I gotta go get dressed and ready for school..Thursday night, skills night. Our Thurs night proctor is a slavedriver - no scenario after another move! move! move!
"Hurry up, your patient is taking his agonal (last) breaths! GO!"
"This patient is in v-fib - FIX IT!"
"Car accident, multiple patients, 75mph, no seatbelt - RUN!"
"Who is the lead medic here? What are you doing? Why didn't you check vitals? Why can't you lift this 280 pound man onto the pram? GO! GO! GO!"


Maybe I should enroll in cooking school.


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