Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


School last night was a little better, but not stupendous or anything. I did get signed off on one skill, but there were several others available to work on, but I just didn't wanna. I did splint traction, which I could do in my sleep if necessary.

I tried to sleep late today, but only made it to 10am when the damn peeping tom mailman came ringing the doorbell about 5 times, then knocking LOUDLY just to give me a package that didn't even need to be signed for. I'm getting so irritated at him. For some reason I can let a phone go unanswered but ever since the car fire I can't let the doorbell go unattended to. Grr.

I have an overnight stint in the ER tonight, so I'm gonna try to get a nap or two in today. Katie is having friends over tonight so she is busy getting ready for that. Yesterday was Charlie's 18th birthday, so they will be celebrating that, and halloween. I wish I was going to be here, but the ER calls and I must answer the beckoning! lol. Hopefully we'll have some good stuff come in.

By the way, here's a silly picture I took at class the other night. The "patient" had been in a car accident and the "emt's" are packaging him up for transport. Whee.


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