Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Am home early.

My preceptor left at 4am, so I did too. Not that anyone missed me. I really don't like these ER stints. I feel like a complete 5th wheel, and no one bothers to tell you anything cause they know you'll be gone in a few hours anyway. We had some fun stuff tho, a gun shot wound, an emergent chest pain, an amphetimine overdose, a rectal bleed, and a baby with a paranoid mother. I spent the most time with him, cause he was so damn cute. 6 months old, not a thing wrong with him, his mother just thought he was being too quiet. Pft! Mommy better take advantage of that, and take a nap, for crying out loud. I had him giggling and laughing like nobody's business. What a silly thing to bring a little baby out into the cold night at 3am for.

And isn't it strange how they always call a gun shot wound a GSW..? These acronyms are supposed to make it shorter to write, and shorter to say...but GSW actually has more syllables than gun shot wound. lol

Oh, almost of the cops that was questioning the GSW dude was hot hot hot. Oh my goodness, he was so incredibly handsome. I wanted to tear off his utility belt and give him whatfor. Then I remembered how hard it is to get these damn paramedic pants off and on.


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