Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Listening to: Thursday
Eating: Chips and dip
Drinking: Diet Pepsi
State of Mind: Rushed
Thats fucked up: It's so damn cold

Ok, forget what I said when I was complaining about the weather still being too hot. Now we all have 3 inches of ice on our car windows, and the biggest decision of the day is deciding which credit card to use to scrape it off. (Ice scraper burned up with the rest of my car). Tonight would be such a good night for our first fire of the year in the fireplace. Ah, maybe tomorrow.

And now, kiddies I have to bundle up and trek to the bank and post office. I can only hope that the post office clerks have dressed up for halloween, and I can laugh at them after I leave.

I feel the beginnings of a really bad headache, but am trying to shrug it off due to lack of interest and time.

You know how you can tell sometimes that product warnings have come about because some idiot did it before there was a warning? Or maybe an addendum will be added to product information because a company gets continuous calls about it? I'm thinking thats whats happened here. In my tivo manual it says:

You cannot manipulate programming that has not been broadcast yet.

What?! Really?

You mean I can't fast forward through a show that will air next Tuesday night? Damn.


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