Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Hmmm...trying to think of someone..anyone who might like this book. Dunno...racking my brain..

The pigtailed narrator of this enchanting story wants a pony of her own. Her parents tell her that a horse is too expensive and that they don't have enough room, so she draws pictures of a horse. Her art takes her to a magical world where she rides a beautiful, dappled silver horse through forests and clouds. When she returns from her journey, she is happy because her imaginary animal "waits just outside my window. Always."

The sense of longing permeates the spare text but is softened by the beautiful, pastel watercolor-and-ink artwork. The dreamlike quality of the semitransparent horses and of the fantastic backgrounds is heightened by glossy ivory paper. This is a book that horse lovers will cherish.


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