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I'm soon embarking on a shape up or ship out program for myself, and have been searching out things to get my mind ready for what I want to do, and my "plan". While I don't feel profoundly obese, I am seriously out of shape and my EMT training is making that painfully clear. I've got to shape up. Now.

I know some folks feel like wanting to lose weight or get in shape is some sort of unacceptance of myself, but I feel icky. I'm sluggish. I'm tired. I'm clumsy. I want to have grace. Do you feel like you are graceful?

That reminds me of a conversation I had with one of Katie's friends, Vanessa. Not overweight by any means, but a little huskier than most. We were waiting for Katie to come out of the dentist and we were sitting in my car. She moved a certain way and broke the cup holder in the center of the console with her knee. We laughed about it, but she said:

"that makes me feel fat".

And I knew exactly what she meant. If you're overweight, and you trip, or break something, or draw attention to yourself in any embarassing way, it makes you feel fat. Really fat.

"Oh my gosh, I just tripped and now everyone is thinking how fat I am."

Maybe this doesn't happen to you, but I've talked to several overweight people about it, and they can completely identify. I hate that feeling. Vanessa didn't break the cupholder cause she was fat, it was her knee - but she still felt fat.

So anyway -

I found a site that I now love, seen first at my sister's blog. I've been reading posts for nearly an hour! I love that not every post is uplifting and encouraging which makes it very real. She has great tips and lessons learned along the way.

This post, truly...was profound.

How I Got Fat

The site is The Skinny Daily Post
Short, daily essays on weight loss and fitness
from a really average woman who lost 100 lbs.
and works every day to keep it off.
Lose weight. Get fit. Think.

See you on the other side.


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