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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


What a lazy day.

Got up really late, course I went to bed awfully late too. Somehow though it feels guilty to sleep till the afternoon and beyond. Mark had a good time at the gadgets show and made a lot of important contacts that may be useful later, but now he is beat too. Believe me, there is a preponderance of a whole lotta nuthin goin on here.

I thought I might ride along with Mark to pick up Emma tomorrow and take some fall pictures, but I really need to work on this bedroom. The rest of the house is still nice and tidy from Katie's work before the party, so I'd like to get this room up to par too. We'll see. I always feel bad that he has to drive so far by himself, and I worry too cause his car is just...well, it's really not good for him to be driving so many miles a week on it, it's not going to last much longer. Definately an expense we can't deal with right now. And he loathes the drive so much, I always feel guilty for staying home.

Mostly I just enjoy the time alone with him while driving there, it's precious time couples rarely get - to talk, or just enjoy each other's company in silence. I guess that's a key component of a loving relationship, doing something you really don't want to do, to keep company with someone you love.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Enjoy the rest of it.


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