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I still have to go to the post office, grocery store and the dry cleaners, and now it's to late to go sans midget. Actually I think I will wait until Katie gets home from school so I can go postal, etc unencumbered. As much as Emma is charming, well-behaved, etc I just prefer to do errands without her if at all possible. It's all that in and out of the car, and

"please don't interrupt, I'm talking to someone"
"no you can't go behind the counter"
"no they don't have a bathroom"
"don't spin around with a sucker in your mouth"
"no you can't sit on the counter"
"no, I will not hold your pony"

Blabbity blah. Plus, I don't really think she likes doing errands with me cause I don't let her fart around like Daddy. He lets her stamp all the packages at the post office. I prefer to avoid the virtual daggers I'm receiving from the 90 people behind me in line because I am taking so long. She's also quite chatty and comfortable with all the postal workers, to the point of saying (last week): "George, why do you have a big space where your tooth is supposed to be?" Tact. Not a strong point for 5 year olds. No getting around it.

I don't let her push the buggy, she rides in it. And I don't let her pull 25 coupons out of the little coupon-spitting-machines in the aisles of the grocery store like daddy does. I do get a few grapes and let her eat those as we roam, and I always make sure I have pennies for the pony. (She gets to ride twice, and leave a penny for the next kid - always)

She said something really funny last night at dinner, I thought Mark was going to spew his mouthful back onto his plate, he was laughing so hard.

We were talking about the kids in her class, and who she likes and doesn't like. My favorite kid in the class is Jared, but she can't stand him. I said

"Why don't you like Jared?"
"Because he is genetically rude!"

Alrighty then, guess it's one of those heterozygous traits I've been studying in Bio. hee.


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