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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im on 1 1/2 Vicodin here, don't expect much. Mark had to call the dentist around 4:30 this afternoon because I was hurting so bad from the work they did yesterday. It's not toothache pain, just sore from all the poking I suppose. Two root canals in teeth right next to each other. I was holding my jaw and crying on the couch when Mark called the dentist and demanded some meds. God love him, he's good at that shit. They sent a script of Vicodins to the store and he went and got them for me. I'm feeling much better, tho groggy.

I have errands to run, I've got to try and get them done tomorrow, tho Emma won't be in school so it'll be tricky. I have several specialty stores to visit, things you can't just pick up at Kmart or the mall. That's annoying. Plus, I still need to help Daniel finish his shopping, and soon. I think we're gonna go Thursday night and see what we can accomplish.

Lots of good fun coming up, baking days with Katie, Christmas eve at Amanda's, and then Christmas. New Year's looks to be fun, thinking of spending it with Marcy and Jody, maybe renting rooms somewhere and partying downtown. Could be lots o fun.

Then it seems like after the first of the year things really snowball, they always do. Spring Break, me and marks birthdays, the kids out of school for 9 weeks for summer break, Water World, Water World, Water World, then right back to school.

I have a class beginning Jan 20, my EKG interpretation class for 6 weeks, then my IV class for 6 weeks after that. Then I will be an EMT-I and hopefully have taken my written boards test, and ready to get a job. We've talked a lot about how we're going to manage the household if I start working. Mark's schedule is always rotating, and chances are I would be on a night shift, so that leaves a little juggling when it comes to making sure the chi'dren are taken care of. I'm positive whatever schedule we have can be dealt with, I would just like to be working!

Ok, Im feeling much better now pain-wise, and I think I might try to find something constructive to do.


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