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I got a very nice email from a random wanderer who liked my writing. He...(or she - not sure which) mentioned initially looking for Survivor notes, so I thought I would go ahead and comment on that before I went to bed.


Lil, Lil, Lil. Whatchoo talkin 'bout? This was definately an interesting season of 'Vivor. We had the usual forgettables, but we also had Rupert, Johnny Fairplay and Lil. 3 notorious players I won't soon forget.

I know Johnny Fairplay was lower than a snake belly, and a blatant lying sack o'doodoo to boot. But damn that boy played the game, didn't he? He was so evil, a true villian. I really would not have minded to see him win, just for the sheer play factor he maintained. Ah, but it was not to be.

Old Lil sure could squat, eh? Where did that strength come from? Knowing my spoiler sites had named Lil and Sandra the final 2, I knew Lil was gonna have to win the last immunity challange. Jon and Sandra had both said they didn't want to face her to the jury, because of her "nice-ness". But dayumm if the jury didn't put Lil in her place. And both her opening and closing comments were derogatory. "There's three people on this jury that stabbed me in the BACK!" She said. Well, there's three votes you just threw away for being a bitch. And Rupert: "Could you tell me Lil, if anything you ever said - EVER - was the truth...ever?" Ouch.

And yet, never was there a dumber player of the game than Lil. You got her vote as long as you were the last one to talk to her, especially if you paid her a compliment. I've never seen someone so down on themselves and so sad and so pathetic looking. And dense . Her classic line tonight - "I just realized Sandra and I are the two sole survivors". Um hi, two sole survivors? Doh.

And she was so incredibly stupid to take Sandra to the finals. I know then and there who'd won. No way was that jury gonna give ol Johnny Fairplay 1 million dollars. Lil said she didn't want Jon to have the million cause he was a partier. Man, just.shut.up.already.

Sandra, props to her. Genuine, fair, basically honest. You knew where you stood with Sandra. I'm glad she won.

When does Amazing Race start?


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