Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Some short observations.

Vivor: Yes, Jon is certainly an ass that deserves to be drawn and quartered. But he is definately playing the game. Bye Burton. Yo Adrian. Lil is the most annoying living breathing human on the planet, by a longshot. Someone please put her out of my misery.

When your contacts are bugging the heck out of you and you are perched on porcelein, don't rub them with the TP in your hand, then wipe, and flush. Or at least not without checking to make sure you didn't dislodge the contact on the TP and have since flushed it away.

If I try to get close to someone and they are unreceptive, or even rude, don't be surprised when I stop trying. My dad always had an analogy similar to this. He'd say "If you keep getting hit in the face when you open the front door, pretty soon you'll go out the window instead."

Most of the people on Dr. Phil are really quite stupid. I could have been their next door neighbor and given them the same advice.

Candles smell so nice when they're burning. Why do they have to stink like butt when you blow them out?

I can positvely affirm that Marlboro is putting less glue on the end of the filter where it attaches to the cigarette. Nearly 5 times today and as many times yesterday I have tapped my cigarette to lose the ash, and the entire burning cigarette has separated from the filter. Sometimes it's easy to reattach, but if you're driving, the entire burning cigarette has just gone out the window and you are left with just the filter between your fingers.

Katie and I were at Target till they closed at 11pm last night. There was a guy in line at 11pm buying only KY lubricant. Form your own conclusion.


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