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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


You guys aren't blogging. You better be out buying my presents.

A good day, spent some time at my moms after lunch helping her sort out the presents that I ordered for her to give. She'd wrapped them without consulting the list quite right and I came across one that had a To:/From: tag that said "I forgot who this is for. I'm tired. Open it and sort it out." I was laffing so hard. We firgured it out, tho.

Mark and I went out to dinner together, that was really nice. We made googly eyes across the table then came home and laid on the couch together and watched "Analyze That".

Now I've come upstairs to finish my BIO, I submitted my final (YAY!) and also re-submitted some reports that I noticed I didnt have grades for online. Dunno if they're just not up yet or what - but I re-sent them just to make sure as all work is due by midnight tonight.

Tomorrow I have got to be a cleaning fool, as we are having company on Sunday night. Marcy, Jody and their kids are coming for the afternoon and for dinner. Should be fun, I just gotta get things tidy. I'm also having trouble locating the joke gift I decided on for Katie - you wouldn't think it'd be that hard to find...but I went to 3 different stores today and they were like "uuh, no." pft. I'm gonna keep looking.

Guess that's it. Hope everyone is warm and dry and happy tonight.


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