Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Pop quiz: Why isn't Danelle blogging?

a) mad cleaning and company
b) I cut my finger
c) my keyboard is broken
d) I threw up all over the patio
e) all of the above

Yes, chi'dren, option e would be correct.

I cut my finger on soap. Yes, soap. Lengthy explanation at a later time. Nasty cut.

The company was fun, but their boys (ages 5 and 8) have left me haggard. Running, yelling, jumping, more yelling.

I just now sat down on the patio to smoke a cigarette, had about 1/2 a second of dizziness and then just - puked. No warning, no nausea. I sat there afterwards, feeling perfectly fine thinking: "Well, look at that - there's the contents of my stomach all over the patio. Weird."

I went up stairs and threw up again in the toilet. I feel fine now. But then again, I felt fine before.

Then I had to clean up the patio. Gah! The hoses are put away. There is snow and ice all over the patio. It took me ten times as long to clean it up as it did to throw it up. Too much information? Too bad.

Gonna get another bandaid and some water. More later. Maybe.


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