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Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Today will be busy. After stuffing stockings last night Katie and I noticed than some folks' were light, so I gotta make a quick run to correct that. I also want to tidy my room, I can't put anything fun or new in here cause it will be lost immediately. We're leaving at 3:30 to go have dinner and pressies with Amanda and Justin, then we'll come home and open our own. Tomorrow we'll be at my moms in the morning and my dads in the evening. The kids will make a run to the hills to be with their dad for a while inbetween. Hectic!

Katie and I were up till 3am wrapping stuff and giggling like fiends. She had to make a present for Charlie's dad at the last minute, so she had an ornament of a snowman whose nose had fallen off. She took a picture of Charlie's dad and stuck it on the snowman's face. She wrote a note to go along with that says "I wondered what to get the man who has everything - this is what I came up with." HAHhaha!

Besides the quick store run, I have to burn all the CD's I'm doing for my dad. I'm putting a bunch of old radio shows and presidential speeches on CD's for him. He'll love it. I am not loving it near as much, however, since I have to listen to each one from start to finish to make sure it's ok. I was having trouble getting a complete copy of one of them, and have been listening to several downloads over and over to test it. I've heard Richard Nixon resign about 10 times this morning.

I also downloaded a bunch of news reports of monumental events. Amazing what you can find on the internet, don't you think?


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