Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ugh. We're having a ton of fun but we're sick sick sick! Too much tasting and spoon licking. heh.

The meringue cookies that were such a hit last year have flopped. pft. I think I got sick of beating and didnt let the meringue get stiff enough. The chocolate coated toffee, mint iced brownies, peanut brittle part 2, no bake cookies, and divinity are all coming out nicely. We still have to make coconut bars, fudge, and ice the sugar cookies. Whee! We're not sure about the cornflake and marshmaloow wreaths. They're still really soft, and might have to be eaten with a spoon.

Now guess what. Katie is off to the store because we ran out of sugar! haha! We didn't get a big enough bag. Too funny.

Add to the mix Dy's oh-my-gosh-these-are-rich chocolate covered cherries and poor man's toffee, (thank you so much for contributing to our gorging!) and we have eaten enough sweets to last a lifetime! I will have to take a picture of Dy's cherries. They are big enough to fit TWO cherries inside, but there's only one cherry so the rest is all goo! Goodness I love the goo. Good job, dydy.

And I have pressies here from Debra, how fun is that? She wanted so badly to hate my guts at one time. Can't do it, can ya?!? muwahaha

Ok, off to find some cold water and take a breather till Katie gets back.


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