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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I think me, jennifer and teresa all need to get together and slap each other around a bit. We're all procrastinating about getting these last minute things done. Teresa says:

"Occasionally I admire the length of my to-do list and then go back to the grueling work of procrastinating. Then I might drift off momentarily into a daydream only to be drawn back to the to-do list, except this time I've thought of something to add to it. "There, that's six weeks of work due in the next 48 hours." Then, once again, I become impressed by my pretend productivity and promptly drift off into a sugar-laden-Christmas-cookie-induced stupor."

Ditto, sister.

Katie stayed overnight up north last night so I could take over her room, which has been designated "present wrap central". I had the whole night to wrap, wrap and wrap uninterrupted.

Did I get anything wrapped? No, I didn't. I messed around with TypePad for hours and then went to bed entirely too late.

Today we have to shop for our baking fest tomorrow. Do we have all our recipes? No we don't. Am I compiling them right now? No I'm not.

Wanted dead or alive: Motivation. Last seen somewhere around late November. Reward.


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