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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I hate it when I blog too much.

But I wanted to write about two of the weird-ass dreams I had last night.

The first one my mom was here in my house and we were arguing. I chased her outside yelling at her and she got into this blue moving van. I went in the house and when I turned around, my mom's friend Rea was there. But it was the old Rea, when she wore a wig in the 70's. (My mom and Rea have lived next door to each other for like 39 years). I yelled at Rea too and she left.

Make sense of that Jon Edwards!

The second one Mark and I were in a really nice hotel room. Big fancy bed, the whole works. And there was a Xerox machine in there. It seemed as natural as could be. Swanky place, eh? And there was receipt tape coming out of the front of the copy machine. I remember because it was pink on the edge, like when the clerk is running out of cash register tape. So anyway..

Mark and I were fighting too, I think it was because he was masturbating in bed...(I'm mad serious). We got into a fight and he had his knee on my chest on the floor. I stormed off, gathered all my things and left...but turned just before walking out the door and grabbed that register tape out of the front of the copier.

And both of these dreams happened immediately after falling asleep. I first went to sleep around midnight, and woke up from the first dream around 12:30. I went to sleep and dreamt the second dream, and woke up at 1:16.

I got up for a while after that. I guess it was the Vicodin, but maybe stress too, I'm not sure. Weird tho. Reminds me of when I was on the patch. Wow, talk about imaginative, wicked dreams. You know when the product has a warning label that reads "May cause vivid dreams" - you're gonna have a crazy night. lol


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