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I missed the Monday Mission. So I'm doing it today. Pfft.

1. What in your life used to be fun, but eventually just became a chore that you didn't enjoy?
There was a time I would have said sex, but not anymore. Yeehaw. Ok um... gosh, I can't think of anything. Maybe talking on the phone. I used to not mind it at all, now I hate hate hate it.

2. This weekend, US Troops captured Saddam Hussein and now have him in custody. How did you feel when you heard the news? Did it change your mind about the War in Iraq? Did it change your opinion of President Bush?
I was glad they found him, but really didn't put much confidence in it changing anything. I'm admittedly quite anti-political, tho I do vote. And I don't give a rat's ass who is bothered by my ambiguity.

3. Regarding the capture of Saddam, I saw one "man on the street" interview where a man grumbled that "they should have just killed Saddam. I don't know why they bothered taking him alive." What do you think, should US Troops have taken Saddam alive or just killed him when they found him? What would be the pros and cons of either?
Hm. The pros are minimal. Instant gratification for the soldiers that actually got to do it, that's about it. Other than that, I think most people would like to see some sort of justice prevail. Whether it will or not remains to be seen.

4. What kind of things at Christmas time just scream "tacky" and "White Trash" when you see them?
I hate the big plastic and vinyl blow up things people are putting in their yards. They're really really stupid, people.

5. Suppose you had a dear friend who calls you in tears because her boyfriend had just left her. They'd been together for nearly 5 years, and one day he announces to her that he is leaving because she had gained too much weight. They were in love, or so she thought, and then out of the blue, he bails and blames it on her weight. What would you say to her about this man?
Well. Maybe it was her weight, maybe it wasn't. Maybe he needs something to blame. If the reason really is her weight, I applaud him for being honest. Most people would just say "It's not you, it's me.." or something similar. I also know that there are men out there that like women with curves, and if she's not willing to lose weight (for herself, of course) then she needs to be prepared to wait for such a man, and possibly re-evaluate what she thought she wanted in a man previously. Sometimes the guys who are gold on the inside have a few chinks in their armour on the outside.

6. Suppose this same friend of yours still thinks she and her ex have a future. She says that she wants another chance, that if he will make some changes, she will too. She really does love him, and assures you that he loves her, even though he wants to "take a break and see other people, but if we were meant to be together we will be." There is even a hint of marriage in their future if they get back together. What advice would you give her?
I'm all for second chances, and trying and re-trying to make sure it's dead..or not. But if the changes she's referring to involve losing weight for him - no way. I believe that love is not true or lasting if there is not a complete acceptance of the other person.

7. Have you ever had to tell a lie to get out of a date or when you were breaking up with someone? What did you tell them and how did they take it? Did they ever find out the truth?
I've probably lied many times to get out of a date. I've lied on a date, for goodness sakes. Katie used to page me (Mark too) about 15 minutes into a date - to save me if necessary. Often, it was.

BONUS: Where are you Christmas?
I'm sneaking up behind you - 7 days away!


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