Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ugh. I'm disgusted that Blogger has the name W*l Wh*aton mentioned on it's home page. Y'all sing with me....Desssperado." Yuck. I hate him.

Anyway, I'm back from all the stuff. The dentist took an xray and said I was severely infected. (pft to Laura). He said it was so massive, the xray didn't even show all the infection. Then he asked "My God, how have you been functioning?!!" Ummm I haven't?

He gave me 3 scripts, one for anti-biotic, one for swelling (a steroid - groowwwwll - me hulk) and 12 percocets, even tho I told him they make me itch. He seemed to think I wouldn't be doing much itching while I was passed out on percocets. Ok then.

Since I have no insurance I had to pay full price of course, but it was only about $50. I've already taken 3 pennicillin and a dose of steroids and I feel so much better already. I took another half a Vic while waiting for Amanda's brakes to be done and I feel ok. Some pain, not horrible pain. I can't take a percocet yet cause I have to take Daniel C-mas shopping in a couple of hours.

Mandy's brakes were indeed in need of replacing, so I did that and then went and washed her car, filled up her gas tank and left her $20 in her change tray. She'll think that's fun. I had lunch with my mom while waiting for the car, that was nice. I didn't want to sit there for 2 hours and watch their pitiful tv - the only channel that got decent reception was Channel 2 - to you non Denverites, that's People's Court and re-runs of The Prince of BelAir.

Im headed for the couch for a while - deservedly so.


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