Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Blogeois is dreaming about my boyfriend, Nicolas Cage. Gonna have to have a talk with that woman.

We baked, we cooked, we shaped, we fretted, and then we baked some more. I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch about 1am and didn't wake up till 5 am, then drug my flloured ass to bed. Katie wrote a great account of the day, check it out over there in the list.

And yes, she makes mention of the fact that I still have to go out shopping today, and have a bunch of things to wrap. I'm just having such trouble finding things for Amanda. I'm seriously considering rounding out my shopping with gift certificates, because she is so difficult to buy for. She's very picky, and she has a very narrow view of what she likes. So I will head out one more time today, to try to find that one thing that screams "Amanda!" I'll be shopping with the midget mind you, so the item could quite possibly be bought 5 minutes after we leave, at a gas station. lol

Time to go help Mark get out the door - how many of you have to help your husbands/boyfriends get to work? He always waits till the very last minute to get ready, and then he's scrambling around, irritated and frantic. Men. Don't they know the art of leisurely taking an hour to get ready? They think we take forever to get ready, but really we're just pacing ourselves.


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