Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I have really bad cramps - no not from that just from nerves. I'm all bungled up inside, nervous about starting something new and about the actual driving. I should have been in the shower already but I am stalling. At this rate I will be rushing around trying to get out of the house, and I hate doing that.

Mark is going in to work late because we could not find a suitable place for Emma to go this afternoon. Wemanaged to squeeze the time she would need looking after into only and hour and a half, but that didn't avail itself any options, regardless.

She came into our room this morning at 7:30 and said "I'm lonely." Mark said "You're lonely because everyone is sleeping. It's too early to get up - go back to bed for a while." And she did. Lovely. Her days are all messed up this week, I guess because of the MLK holiday on Monday. She's been asking several times today.."do I have school today? do you have work today? I don't have school tomorrow, right?" No matter how many times we keep telling her, 'no school today - school tomorrow' she's still seems to be off-kilter. Funny how little ones feel that same confusion we feel in a holiday week. We think they just flit about, and every day is just like the next - but they really do feel it when something is amiss.

Ok, I will go shower now.

PS - Cindi or Laura, if you'd like me to put my Starting Over recordings on VHS and send you a weeks worth, I would be glad to do that.


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