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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The word for the day is sleep..wait what is that? Im not familiar...
Monday morning, what is good to say about that? Maybe that the weekend was so nice that it makes even Monday morning tolerable.
Yesterday we went and got some fast food (after a little 'incident' with the staff at McDonalds) and took it to Bible park. It was me, Mark, Daniel, and Emma. So the plan was to sit and eat first, then let Emma play for a bit. Well, Emma could not have cared less about food! She kept telling daddy "I'll be right back..." and he'd say "no, you have to eat first... "plleeaase? I'll be right back!" Finally he pretty much had to let her go cause she was nutso to get out there and play. Well, 3 hours later we trudged home and daddy and Emma collapsed for a nap, but it was time for me to do my typical Sunday "drive to hell and back". Hadda go get KT from Charlies, then drive all the way down to Southwest Plaza to drop Daniel off. ack blech!
We went out to dinner, and KT was so funny. Plus, our waitress was such a complete ditz. She had a total "deer in the headlights" look to her. The brain cells in her head were few and far between. Sometimes you have to talk to someone for a few minutes to realize the full scope of their stupidity, but this one you could just see it in the empty look on her face. Course we sat there and ripped her up amongst ourselves. We thought it might be fun to start playing tricks on her, but decided against it, figuring the target was just too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Joe came home yesterday finally, man he's a little weird.
Found a new band that I love love love. American HiFi. They're coming to the warped tour, very excited about that.
Katie is home sick today..went to school but euched after she got off the bus. Hadda drive all the way to go get her and then take her home..then to work. Hulllo! Im late again!


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