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Ceiling Time. Pillow Talk. Whatever you call it, I hope you are having it.

Mark and I have a wonderful knack for laying in bed and coming up with the deepest and most meaningful conversations. We talk for 2 or 3 hours sometimes. We talk about our relationship, our kids, work, recent events, whatever. It's the best part of my day, truly. Last night we talked for about 2 hours and it's just so...I dunno..cleansing. We talk about what we like about each other, what we like about the way things are now, just everything. It's impossible to describe. It's a reflective quiet time that I cherish. Sometimes we save conversations and bring them up just at that time, cause they fit best there. We get clarification, affirmation and understanding that I think a lot of people are missing in their relationships. I call it pillow talk..Mark calls it ceiling time..cause some of the time we are just staring up at the ceiling. I love it..and I hope we always have it.

Emma's party was a rousing success. We were a little worried at first about numbers, thinking that maybe it was going to be a small showing. Some people that we counted on coming didn't...and that was worrying, but it turned out terrific. Lots of good friends and people that really love Emma. That's what was nice. These people spent their Sunday afternoon just being there for Emma. I was surprised to learn about things that people had cancelled, or forgone in favor of Emma's party. Mark was extremely nice and complimentary to me, and during our ceiling time last night we talked about how well we got along and dealt with everything, and how reflective that is on our respect for each other.

Emma got tons of cool presents. It was funny, she got lots of really nice stuff...but then in the end, all she wanted to play with was a spiral notebook and crayons that Katie and Charlie got her. Isn't that just like kids? Buy them a $100 present and they turn the box into a playhouse. Katie was great, she even offered to "helium - a - nate" the balloons at her work. Very cool. Thanks, bug.

I'm in a weepy mood. Not sad weepy. Happy weepy. Life is grand, and it's getting better every day.


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