Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I hate being tired early on the weekend.

It's only 10pm and already I am feeling lethargic and unmotivated. We have spent the entire day getting things ready for tomorrow, Emma's party. We had to make two trips to Mark's house for things we needed there and had forgotten, etc. He's so ill it's all he can do to stay awake, and yet he had to traipse around stores for 3 and a half hours today, getting all this stuff. It's gonna be fun tho..I can't wait.

Emma spent some money her Granpa Limey sent her. That was a riot to watch her buy whatever she wanted at Kmart. She picked fun stuff tho.

Daniel is with Dan, that's a relief sometimes. Daniel is hard to take 24/7..which is why Dan couldnt deal with it. The few nights here and there that he is gone all night are nice. Dan was so nice too, he let me meet him at WalMart in Littleton rather than drive all the way up to Conifer. My car is such shit, it is literally just days away from breaking completely down I think. Im dreading sitting in the office at a Car Dealership and waiting for my credit to come over the wire. Groan. I can always go to Rocky's and get a car for 28% apr. Yay.

achtung, baby. Speaking of which, ,where were you Friday, Casey Jones..sir?


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