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It's Friday, and I'm freaking out about all the things I have to do and all the things that are not going to get done.

Gail left me this list of things that she wanted done while she's gone, and I haven't done one single one. I really have been busy. We had a big mailing, a Board Meeting, and then of course the damn Parks shit. And don't even talk to me about packing.

We drained (attempted to) Mark's waterbed last night, and it was just bleh. We started too late, and by the time we were halfway done, we were grouchy, sleepy and bickering. Not good. We decided to make up..and leave the bed till tomorrow. lol. We slept on the hide a bed and it was kinda cool.

Mark showed up here at the Library with Katie and Daniel a little while ago, we all went to lunch at Subway with Drew. Mark and Drew talked about cars, Katie and I talked about what a pain Daniel is. Daniel sat and bitched about stuff, and tried to get people to try his jalapeno chips.

Dy (Mark's wife) wrote a great blog yesterday, and talked a little bit about her and I in it. She said she refuses to call our relationship "dysfunctional." Ok, so we aren't dysfunctional, we'

After I'd known Mark for a while, I kept asking him if I could meet Dy and he kept hemming and hawing about it. He kept saying he wanted to keep things simple, and not piss Dy off unneccesarily, etc. Which at the time was probably a good thing, because I wasn't aware that there was still some intimacy going on there, and Dy may have blown a gasket, deservedly so. Things were fresh then. But after a time Dy knew about me through obvious signs, and then it was just stupid for us not to meet. And I kept telling Mark I wanted to meet Emma's mom, and it was only fair to let Dy meet me, someone she knew was spending a lot of time with Emma. When we finally did meet we hit it off very well, and are continually amazed at how alike we are, and how much we make each other laugh. We've hit a few potholes along the way, but have learned a lot from them. I'm not quite sure what she thinks about this whole moving-in-thing, but I think she's ok with it. Her main concern is Emma of course, and I'm pretty sure she knows we all love Emma to the hilt. I make a concerted effort not to be a mom to Emma, but I do prod Mark along when I sense he's floundering.

Her whole post from yesterday was fun. Emma was having a meltdown sorta day, and since I know Emma so intimately, I can totally imagine what Dy was going through. I hope me linking her prods her to write more posts like yesterday, which are so fun to read. She mentioned wanting to link me back. Of course, sure. She wants to link me as "my husband's live-in girlfriend's blog" I guess thats better than what she called me previously, which was Mark's "gal-pal". Eep. That sends resounding messages to my brain of a 55 year old platinum blonde with leathered skin, her bra strap hanging halfway down her arm, getting ready to go play Bingo.

We're all blog ho's really. Tell Debra this blog is brought to her by the letters F and U. (In the most affectionate I-dont-know-you sorta way). And mention that all that pent up passionate disdain for all things bloggish is ultimately going to give her a bleeding ulcer, and we'll all come and visit her in the hospital...

Right after we blog about it.


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