Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We're in pretty good shape. Boxes containing the entire contents of 'my life up to this point' are lining the walls and closets. Katie has had the easiest time I think, she saves virtually nothing. Her clothes are kept to the "I really wear all these" minimum, and she's not a packrat by any means. Daniel on the other hand still has everything he's ever acquired in his 14 years on earth. He still has pokemon cards, hot wheels, rocks, and pogs...all among an assortment of one of a kind junk you've never seen the likes of before.

My bedroom is probably in the worst shape of all. Too many clothes, too much shit in general. I am now labeling boxes not kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, , but "crap".

I started thinking about the "last" boxes you pack. I am a long ways away from that, but I keep coming across things that I say to myself..."Oh, this needs to go in the last box". Items that you use almost right up until the very last minute, or things that just didn't have a place in any other box. The last box inevitably holds things like hairbrushes, curling irons, makeup, deodarant, etc. But the stuff laying around at the last minute has to go in there too. So you will also find in the last box items like a fork, a lighter, one playing card, two puzzle pieces, a book, a spatula, one red sock and a carrot. You know I'm right.

I had dinner already, it's only 8:20 something and I'm already hungry. lol Dy, we had Hamburger Helper! I am certainly the queen of cuisine.


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